About Me

 Hello, I’m Yevvie, the artist behind YevvieART and all associated projects.

I’m 23 years old and live in a small town in Poland. Before I could even properly speak I was already starting to draw, though the quality at that time might be questionable. I’ve made a lot of progress since then, and I can’t explain how happy I am that roughly fifteen years later I can still share my vision and my work with the world.

In my free time I work on several projects, create free designs for non-profit organizations, expand my horizons as an artist, and play video games.

You may think I’m small, but I have a universe inside my mind.

Yoko Ono

I happen to be rather introverted type, and as much as I love people and sharing ideas, I get quickly drained by social interaction. Sometimes just as little as family visiting for a coffee can leave me tired and in need of solitude, but despite the exhaustion, I’m always happy to see them.

...and art

I don’t believe in “learning the craft” in the traditional way of meaning, where your education sets the limits of your knowledge. Our world is constantly changing, and every several years those changes are pushing the skill baseline onto another level. That means that as an artist, you never stop learning, and you need to understand basics of everything in the world – from medicine to mining – to make your art speak for itself.

But what is ART for me? It is everything that allows you creative expression. Its main reason is to touch those, who see it, and it’s the artist that defines the connection. Will it scare you, make you stop in awe, or maybe convince to buy something? It can be a drawing, or a 3d model, even a description on your shampoo bottle.

Instead of specializing in one type of art I choose to learn as much as I can, and provide a wide range of services to my clients. For me, being an artist is not only a profession, but also a major part of my lifestyle.

Every day I create something special. During work, I serve as a medium for artistic expression and put other people’s vision into what I’m doing, creating personalized illustrations, designing things for their projects and businesses, writing characters into their stories, etc.

...and games

World of video games has been always a second home for me. It started as a fun thing to do in my spare time, but over years turned into a passion, and partially a profession.

I played multitude of single-player games and a handful of MMORPGs, which – currently – are my focus. Ability to work hard for my own progress, learning advanced techniques and mechanics, mastering reaction time and teamwork are what makes this genre so dear to me. And the benefits of having fun are what keeps my mind always fresh and creative!

Contrary to conventional beliefs that playing video games is intellectually lazy and sedating, it turns out that playing these games promotes a wide range of cognitive skills. (…) Recent meta-analysis showed that spatial skills can be trained with video games in a relatively brief period, that these training benefits last over an extended period of time, and crucially, that these skills transfer to other spatial tasks outside the video game context.


Isabela Granic, Adam Lobel, and Rutger C. M. E. Engels

I am currently the most active in Blade & Soul, partially because of a side project I am working on, which is a website and community where veteran players provide guides, advice and everything helpful for less experienced others. You can check it out here.

...and lifestyle

I live in a dream location for an artist. The city is located between multiple lakes, forests and meadows, making it extremely easy to find a quiet place even in the middle of a busy day. I know those terrains well enough, especially that a big part of my childhood was spent on sailing, mushroom picking, and exploring vistas around here.

Last few years brought a lot of small and big changes in my life. I took many steps to become more organized and productive, and to create a good balance between work and personal life. I found multitude of projects and ideas that help lookalike minds to sort out their life. Some of them I adapted as part of my lifestyle, and I’ll be talking about few of them below.

Daily helpers

Bullet Journaling became an effective way of noting all things important and keeping track of all creative ideas. My Journal is not only a guide on how to effectively spend every day, but also a household information for when to pay off credit card, change cat litter or service my computer.

Shared notes and calendars are what made my life a lot easier. Every document that touches topics influenced by other people is shared with them, either through GoogleDocs or OneNote. It makes working on bigger projects easier, and interested people can come back and add their opinion. It is also useful for household-oriented tasks, such as packing for a trip. An open document where everyone can put what they need to take and review other members’ plans makes it easier to not forget anything.

Household apothecary is what made me more invested into taking care of the environment. I learned basics of herbalism when I was a teen, and it helped me to figure out what is the best for me. Now whenever we’re sick, I grab some wild thyme from my pantry, and when someone has upset stomach, we have handful of chamomile tea. I incorporated herbal remedies into our meals, such as using garlic and ginger in flu season to help us fight germs. It doesn’t mean we don’t use common medicine, but makes us avoid taking pills for things that herbs easily heal.

Daily routine

I wake up, depending on season, anywhere from eight to ten in the morning. In summer it happens to be earlier, as we like to nap through the worst heat and come back to work afterwards. First things first, I force myself to stretch, motivating my body to wake up, that includes wrist stretches to aid carpal tunnel and RSI.

After regular things such as brushing my hair and teeth, it’s time for my favorite things – a cup of coffee and some cat cuddles. During the first cup I check social media (tumblr, twitter), read e-mails and check what happened through the night on my Discord. Having plenty of people in different time zones requires me to catch up every morning. I say hi to some friends, then scroll through the interesting newsletters. During second cup, I usually plan my day, that includes writing a to do list in my Bullet Journal. I answer e-mails and move to the work.

I work for a few hours until it’s time to make dinner. After eating I usually take an hour break to watch YouTube subscriptions, then check what was done on my todo list. On busy days I go back to work until seven or eight in the evening, on other days I spend this time on personal projects, drawing, writing, talking to people.

In the evening we take time to do shopping, visit family, clean the house, do laundry, then spend some time on video games. Between all that I try to stretch my wrists and walk around the house, and I’m doing it about every hour or so.

What else

On weekends I try focus entirely on the personal projects and household work. I sometimes answer e-mails, when I know my clients won’t answer outside of their free time. Every Sunday I check newsletters from markets around the city and prepare list of meals, shopping and plans for whole week. I plan family meetings, appointments and chores (my partner usually takes care of dishes, vacuuming, cleaning appliances and making sure cat has all he needs).

...in the past


As I mentioned before, I’ve been always the artistic type. My first doodles shared the secret to my success – long time training and hard work in order to create art – but no one wanted to listen to them until later. In elementary school I already showed more understanding to art principles, color theory and composition than my classmates, but usually lacked the time to finish my pieces, as the way I drew them took longer than simplified art style requested at the time.


It wasn’t just drawing though. In middle school I spent hours reading about artists, such as The Agony and the Ecstasy by Irving Stone, Leonardo da Vinci: The Flights of the Mind by Charles Nicholl, and classics, including The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli. By focusing on my psychological and cultural growth I was forced to temporarily abandon daily drawing practices, to grab more theoretical understanding of the fine arts.

Health issues

In high school I thought I will be living the dream of every artist. I attended Photography & Digital Art Technical High School in Warsaw, which forced me to leave my hometown at the age of sixteen. But even if the school was a great opportunity, the stress and anxiety were pushing me close to the edge. I had to learn how to cook, do laundry, homework, shopping, prepare lunch, clean house, and between all that – find a moment to relax. Moving to an unknown city, with no family or friends, without the knowledge how to live by myself – that’s what made me fall.

When I was diagnosed with depression and social anxiety, which apparently were getting stronger since my parents got divorced, my life flipped. I lost all motivation, interests, and nothing seemed like a good thing anymore. Depression pushed me into more and more health problems, peaking on my last year of high school, where I had to move back to my hometown, due to inability to take care of myself. My doctors and therapists were trying to help, but medicine and conversations they offered wasn’t the kind that could help me.


In 2014 I met my partner. With daily help, motivation and unconditional love and understanding of my condition, I took giant steps that started the recovery process. I have chosen herbal medicine, meditation, mindfulness and daily exercise to heal up my body and mind. It wasn’t easy, it wasn’t always happy, but thanks to all that, within just a year I was fully functioning person once again.

I don’t say that doctors are worthless. The only thing I mean by telling this story is fact that you cannot force a person to recover, no matter how much you try. The key to overcoming mental and physical issues is motivation. If you find something to motivate them to stay alive and stay well, then give them options and ideas how to achieve that, the response will be much better than forcing them into a hospital and hoping that it will fix it.

It is also what made me understand human psychology. In the world we live now, where mental issues have to be spoken of and awareness of them has to be enforced, I offer understanding to my friends and clients, no matter how much they struggle.


Despite early start it took me years to get where I am now.

Throughout understanding of anatomy, biology, composition, medium used in art, and many more things, is making my creations detailed and true to the world. Ability to come up with pseudo-scientific explanations for things such as magic or human transformation into a monster, made it possible to bring some realism into my concept art and worldbuilding. Overcoming mental issues gave me ability to put myself in someone’s shoes, which made characters I create multi-dimensional and unique.

The conclusion is simple – my experiences, my history and struggles made me a better artist. It cannot be taught in any other way than just living the life.

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