I spend every day finding new ideas to inspire my growth. Due to constant learning, my skills are constantly developing, thus I can constantly offer new services and expand on the ones I already provide.

I am proficient in using software such as Adobe Photoshop, Paint Tool SAI, GIMP, Inkscape and more. I am able to create designs, illustrations and other works, provided access to required tools. I speak two languages fluently (Polish and English), and a few more on basic level.

Design & Illustration Concept Art 3D & Modding

Design & Illustration


  • Knowledge of the techniques, tools and trends used in design.
  • Use of general art principles (rule of thirds, golden ratio) to benefit the client.
  • Understanding the psychology of color and basics of marketing.
  • Ability to provide ready-to-print files (CMYK, 300dpi, folding, bleed).
  • Impressive mock-up techniques and realistic design presentation.
  • Experience in gaming industry, ability to create GUI files for skills, items, other.
  • Insight on advanced techniques, brush options, batch actions, 3d filters.


  • Ability to work outside of my favorite fandoms or things I’m interested in.
  • Understanding of the anatomy, stylization and material look.

Concept Art

Concept Art

  • Ability to quickly come up with multiple designs.
  • Creative design of characters, places, races, worldspace, weaponry etc.
  • Semi-scientific or stylized descriptions of events, items, and more.


  • Understanding of the setting of the project, working with provided worldspace.
  • Knowledge of historical culture and lifestyle, and effective use of the information in creating a fantasy universe.
  • Experience in writing fiction, creating characters, places and events.

3D & Modding

3D and Texturing

  • Ability to create variety of texture maps: Diffuse, Normal, Bump, Glow, Specular, Displacement.
  • Understanding of DDS format, its compression and usage.
  • Import, export, skin wrap, basic weighting the models.


  • Editing NIF files: modifying BSLightingShaderProperty to achieve expected effect, applying AlphaProperty, changing TextureSets etc.
  • Anything to UUNP Conversions with use of the latest Bodyslide, re-weighting the models.
  • Mash-ups of existing armor pieces, mixing in new ones.
  • Creating basic 3D models and exporting them to work in Skyrim, adding collision, textures.
Languages Social Flexibility Active Learning



  • Polish (Native) – Born, raised, and living in Poland, my language abilities were awarded many times during education process through national contests and exams.
  • English (Fluent) – Due to working with gaming and media, English is currently considered my main language.
  • Italian, Russian, German, Korean, Japanese (Basic) – Understanding of the writing system, basic vocabulary and phrases. Ability to work with the dictionary and translation systems in order to communicate with others.

Social Flexibility

 Social Flexibility

Working with me you can be sure I will be adjusting the language and level of our discussion to what you think is going to be comfortable.

  • If you’re an owner of a business or a company, I can offer you the highest level of professionalism. Our communication will be quick and to the point. I will keep you informed about the most important things, while taking your work time into consideration. Example: I won’t message you at 11pm with a review and request an answer within an hour. I’ll keep track of your time zone and work hours to make sure our communication won’t take too much of your day.
  • If you’re a private person and want to use my services, I’ll be adjusting our communication style to what you find the most appealing. You can be reassured I will be giving full attention to what your plan is, and will offer tips and advice until we find the best solution for what you need.
  • If you’re a fellow gamer or modder, please don’t feel anxious about talking to me. I love making new friends, and despite my introverted nature, I’m happy to chat about the things we have in common. You can also contact me on Steam, Discord (LL/NM servers), Reddit or Twitch with any problem/suggestion.
  • If you’re a private contact of mine, you can message me through contact form to request a private e-mail of mine. If you’re planning to do so, please define our association level and remind me who you are, so I can respond quicker, without doing research on your person.

Active Learning

 Active Learning

If at any point of my work I hit the wall where progress seems impossible because of lack of expertise in certain subject, I am willing to take additional time to learn the craft.

  • Ability to locate and use multiple sources of knowledge in learning process, including guides and tutorials available online


Adobe Photoshop 95%

Adobe Photoshop 95%

GIMP 95%


Inkscape 75%

Adobe Illustrator 80%

 3D and Texturing

Autodesk 3ds Max 40%

Crazybump 95%

xNormal 95%

Google SketchUp 65%

ZBrush 20%


(x)HTML 80%

CSS 80%

PHP 30%


Microsoft Office Suite 95%

Google Office Suite 95%

Open Office Suite 90%

Evernote 85%

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