While working on seasonal gifts and new chapter of the comics, I didn’t find much time to share any of my recent work. Sadly, even though my hopes were high for January being bountiful when it comes to art, my tablet had quite a different idea of working.

For those who don’t know, my tablet is one of the old, discontinued wacom products. It’s small, has multiple cracks, and cord was broken and re-tied multiple times. It’s covered in meters of purple tape we got from electronics shop, and most of the times I need an entire hour to get it to work (connection issues between usb port and the cord, cord not being straight enough to “click”, old-ass drivers that crash randomly etc etc).

Due to this guy being so beaten up and sometimes refusing to even use it’s own pressure plate, so it started getting rough to draw anything that cannot bring income. You see, when it dies, I’ll be SOL and have no way of making money and all my artistic growth and the starting career will just die in ashes. So I got to focus on getting a new one first.

Due to that, I found this buddy that I can get 20% cheaper from local reseller due to my loyalty points, so the idea is to gather enough money to get a new one before this one dies. For a change would grab size M and finally be able to do my job without being zapped by sticking out cords.

Obviously, there’s no way I can just buy it. You know the deal, we’re living on 140 USD monthly, and entire 40 of it is going for paying off CC. Yeah, that makes approximately $5 daily we can spend.

I need your help! I set up proper donation via Ko-fi (they’re an official Paypal partner!) which you can find here. So if you got some spare cash, it would be amazing if you could help me out! If one-time donation isn’t your thing, you can always become my Patron, from as little as $1 monthly, and get access to all my NSFW projects!

Donate Now!


For people who donate above $20 I’ll be preparing additional gifts once I get my tablet, so remember to write down your name!


On Ko-fi there’s a mention of monitor together with the tablet donation. My laptop screen had issues for over a year now and I’d love to grab a cheap replacement to aid my vision.

Due to all above, giveaway rewards are delayed. I’m terribly sorry and thank you for interest. I didn’t answer to your e-mails because I was trying to figure out if I can save my tablet in any way that would allow me continuous drawing (I was also quite sick for over three weeks, and now got family and Xmas on my head ;w;). We found no solution but to wait and hope people can help out with getting a new tablet!

Please do not spam me with e-mails, I got your answer, it’s in the queue. I’ll contact all of you once again, when I’m able to pick up drawing once again and for real. Let it be quick!