In past months I have started working on a few new things that I’d love to share.

Halls of Ivy

It’s a brand new series of tutorials and art resources available on my Patreon. While everyone can view basic tutorials, Patrons can access additional content such as unique color palettes and photoshop add-ons (brushes, custom shapes, patterns).

Planning a small chibi tutorial as well, though I’m currently working on a new way of rendering chibis for some extra pop! Once method has worked out, I’ll share some previews.


I added a preview for some Dessa and Tal action, though full version is Patron-exclusive, because, y’know, NSFW. Got some more stuff coming, although other work is more important right now~

Varyel Updates

Thanks to LittleCodingFox and his amazing wiki generating software, I have now a clean method of sorting all my notes from past 10+ years. It took a bit to get used to due its capabilities and limitations, although despite lacking some functionality here in there, it serves me better than any software such as Evernote, Onenote etc. Those were laggy af once filled with information, while Static Wiki makes it as fast and smooth as possible.

I’ll share some previews once I’m done with a few full pages~


Due to development and management issues I’ve quit BnS for time being. Tried out private server for BDO but it came out disappointing after a while of playing. Currently grinding my ass off in Warframe whenever I got some spare time – despite initial disdain I’ve been positively surprised and surely I’m having fun. Hell, I don’t even like shooters (Mass Effect being an exception)!

Well, at least I thought so.


After some digging and learning basic Python, I went through a process of developing some seemingly complicated systems for a game. Yes, a game! I’m working on an adventure-style visual novel set in Varyel.

So far I coded some interesting stuff such as working inventory system (armor, weapons, consumables, quest items), character stats (working on proper calculation based off varyel’s mechs), basic map navigation and initial story sequences.

Previews and details are already available on my Patreon, but in upcoming months I’ll share some details here as well.


Also, tomorrow my mother will be coming to visit, so apologies if my responses on discord/email are delayed.