YevMODS: Terms of Use

Terms of Service – Users

  1. Mods available on this website are meant to be used with TESV:Skyrim Legendary. Installation should be either manual or executed through ModOrganizer (by Tannin); I cannot guarantee they will work with any other type of managers.
  2. Downloading any of my mods means you automatically accept Terms of Service presented below. If you do not agree with the terms of service, do not download them.
  3. All mods are created for fun and educational purposes. They are and always will be free from charges.
  4. By using my mods you acknowledge there are certain risks inherent in using any type of mods and the YevvieART takes no responsibility for those. For detailed info, refer to “Risks of Modding” section.
  5. By downloading any of my NSFW series mods, you are required to be of legal age (in the country of your residence). YevvieART does not take responsibility for illegal use of the provided mods.
  6. All my downloads have provided MD5 Hash for validating their originality. If you’re using corrupted or unoriginal downloads, there will be no support provided for the service.
  7. If you like my job and want to express your gratitude, you can request a paid version through the contact form on the front page. I’ll provide you the link to my paypal and send you a mod (customized, where available*) like the regular commission service.

Terms of Service – Modders

  1. All Terms of Service for Users apply.
  2. You can use my mods in yours provided you agree with points below.
  3. You include a name of mod used, author’s name (Yevvie) and link to this website.
  4. If available, a name of original author of assets used (included in mod description where applies).
  5. Your mod is free for download and use, and no charges apply (including website subscription etc).
  6. You agree that YevvieART and YevMODS do not share responsibility for illegal use of your mod.

* Mods that can be customized include Tattoo, Nail and Warpaint pack. You can specify your request when ordering a paid version and I’ll try to create something special just for you.

Risks of Modding

Modding, especially when done by inexperienced person, can result in game crashes, script lag, corrupted saves, corrupted files, corrupted meshes, unresponsive game and scripts. Authors, including Yevvie, do not take responsibility for any of those.

My website contains multiple tutorials for people willing to learn how to mod, as well as troubleshooting and recommended tweaks.

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